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Hours researching, writing, and preparing can be undone in an instant if you present your report with sub-par printing. Whether you need it copied or printed, in one color or full-color, we can handle it! Let us add a professional shine to your work with a professionally printed report. 

Mailing a report that contains sensitive information? Use our tinted security envelopes over standard commercial envelopes for peace of mind.
Put your best foot forward with full-color printing on glossy paper throughout your report.
Want a professional lay-flat report? Consider a spiral bindings with a clear cover and vinyl back for a report that's easy to page through.

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  4. *Color Options (Cover)

    Outside Cover: Full-Color
    Inside Cover: Full-Color
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    Cover Weight Paper

  6. *Color Options (Interior Pages)

    Color Options (Interior Pages): Full-Color
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    If your document includes text or graphics that extend to the edge of the page, it will require a bleed area. Otherwise, there will be a white, 1/8" border along the edges of your document.

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